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Timing for Summer Watering

2017-10-05T19:09:11-05:00By |Lawn Care|

A good summer watering program is cheaper and less time-consuming than rebuilding a damaged lawn. The ideal program is all about TIMING and economy. Here are our tips for watering done right: Begin watering when a thin-blade, nine-inch long screwdriver becomes difficult to push into the ground. Apply enough water to penetrate a depth of [...]

Yellow Nutsedge/Nutgrass/Watergrass

2017-10-05T19:09:11-05:00By |Fertilization, Lawn Care, Maintenance, Spring Lawn Care, Weed Control|

Signs and treatment of Yellow Nutsedge: A few days after mowing, yellow nutsedge, commonly called nutgrass or watergrass, is already taller than the surrounding grass. The leaf blades are coarser and lighter green than the surrounding grass. Nutsedge prefers wet, thin-turf areas but can survive in even the driest and thickest lawn and garden areas. [...]

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