When it comes to nutsedge (commonly called nutgrass), there are usually only three kinds of lawns in Kansas City:

  1. Lawns with nutsedge
  2. Lawns that will have nutsedge
  3. Lawns grown in very heavy shade

Nutsedge facts:

  • Nutsedge reproduces both by seed and by underground tubers.
  • One single nutsedge plant, allowed to reproduce, can create many thousands of new plants in a single year.
  • Those left to reproduce can create millions.
  • The seeds and tubers can remain viable for up to twenty years, then sprout when soil conditions are right.
  • Treating nutsedge with the best products available reduces the amount of nutsedge plants in the lawn. This kills the nuts that were attached to them. Unfortunately, millions of nuts and seeds may remain waiting to sprout in their place.
  • No product is available that will prevent the germination of the seeds or the nuts.
  • Conditions the increase nutsedge: wet soil, thin turf, not treating it and letting it go to seed.

What to do if you have nutsedge:

  • Pull light infestations every week, May thru October.
  • If you are a Martz Bros. Lawn Care Customer, we will treat your nutsedge with your regular treatment.
  • If you are not a customer, spray heavy infestations twice every year with a product like Sedgehammer.
  • Use Roundup on garden areas that have gotten out of control. Be very careful with this product, it will kill anything it comes in contact with.

THE TRUTH ABOUT NUTSEDGE: It will always be there. It is a question of how to keep in under control and nutsedge control is won by persistence.

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