You can eliminate burned grass and reduce the odds of stepping in dog poop if you train your dog outside. Teaching a dog to go in one area is relatively easy with a little patience and consistency.

Follow these steps to train your dog outside:

  • Identify a high area that is not prone to water pooling or movement.
  • Clearly define an adequate sized bathroom area.
  • Mark the space with fencing, clothesline, a circle of stones or other material. Whatever your choice, it is important to give the dog obvious physical landmarks.
  • Take your dog on a leash directly from the house to the bathroom area every time he needs to go.
  • Give the dog a consistent command, such as go potty.
  • When he goes in the right place generously reward him.
  • When you’re teaching your dog where to go, also show him/her where not to go.
  • After a couple of weeks try escorting him off-leash to the same spot.
  • If he gets off track and is looking for an alternative: clap your hands, get his attention and guide him to his bathroom. Be sure to use the same verbal command and praise for success.
  • Once your dog has mastered the escorted potty break, its time to graduate. Open the door, give the command, and let him go on his own.
  • If he gets off track: rush outside, clap your hands and verbally correct.
  • Clean the area on a regular basis to keep it fresh.

Don’t be discouraged by initial setbacks when you train your dog outside. By exercising patience, consistency and rewarding positive behavior, your dog will soon be trained to go in one spot. The reward will be a healthier lawn.

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