Benefits of Native Plants

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There are so many reasons to find an area for native plants in your lawn. Native plants create beautiful garden areas with less work and cost. Facts about Native plants: Help conserve water Reduce mowing, labor, fertilizer and pest management costs Provide a habitat for birds, butterflies and other wildlife Protect and enrich the soil [...]

Prepare for Extreme Cold Temperatures

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When extreme cold temperatures hit, special preparation should be taken to protect your home and lower heating costs. It may seem like a long list, but even minor changes can make a big difference. Following these steps can save money by preventing damage and keeping the warm air in your home, during cold temperatures: Blow [...]

The Perfect Flowering Shade Garden

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A flowering shade garden can be a simple addition to the old hosta and ivy bed, or it can be elevated all the way up to a dramatically inviting, rewarding and restful experience that continuously inspires the gardener and all who visit. It's a great way to brighten up the dark areas of your lawn. [...]

Apply Pre-Emergent in Beds

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It's time to Apply Pre-Emergent in Beds The first round of pre-emergent in flower, shrub, and vegetable gardens should be applied in March or early April but not before mulch is applied first. There are, however, exceptions to that generalization when you apply pre-emergent. Each year we see the same costly pre-emergent and mulch mistakes. [...]


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Early spring is a great time to begin work in the garden. The weather is getting nice and preparing your yard and garden for the season is a great reason to get outside. The following March gardening tips will get your lawn and garden ready for the season: Vegetables – Now is the time to plant peas, [...]

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