Early spring is a great time to begin work in the garden. The weather is getting nice and preparing your yard and garden for the season is a great reason to get outside.

The following March gardening tips will get your lawn and garden ready for the season:

  • Vegetables – Now is the time to plant peas, spinach, lettuce and leeks. By the end of March or early April broccoli, cabbage, radishes, kale, turnips, potatoes and onions can be planted. To enjoy a fresh harvest late into the season, plant several varieties with different maturity dates and/or stagger planting dates 10-14 days apart.
  • Bulbs – If you forced bulbs in pots over the winter or are just buying potted bulbs now, this is the time to set them out. Daffodils, lilies, hyacinth, crocus and other bulbs will provide many years of spring color with minimal effort.
  • Annuals – For an early splash of color in partial sun areas, pansies are already blooming. With a little care they will bloom all year long. This year we found blooms under the snow and had fresh blooms all winter long and into the spring. Ornamental kale will take spring frosts and can add a spectacular burst of color throughout the spring, summer and fall.
  • Ornamental grasses should be cut back to just a few inches above the ground before new growth resumes each spring. The best way to do it is to tie the tops in a firm bunch then cut near the ground.
  • Trees – Prune out dead or damaged branches, remove stakes and wires from prior year’s plantings. Be sure mulch is not piled up against the trunks.
  • Mulch – Clean up beds and add mulch so beds are dressed up and ready for spring. Add enough new mulch to create a four inch layer for large perennial beds but be careful not to use more than 2 – 3 inches around smaller perennials and annual beds. Remember to keep the mulch pulled away from the base of plants.

If you have any questions about March gardening please do not hesitate to give us a call at (913)789-9333 or contact us online.