If your lawn was seeded early last fall there are a few spring watering tips that you should be aware of:

  • Don’t be surprised to see weeds in your lawn this spring. Most fall seeded lawns sprout a lot of broadleaf weeds over the fall and winter due to soil disturbance and frequent watering. This is perfectly normal and expected. If we see weeds while we are on your lawn this spring we will treat them automatically. It takes about 30 days for weeds to completely die in cool weather, so please be patient. We could use an herbicide that works slightly faster but such herbicides are not as safe for your seedlings.
  • The seedlings have suffered from drought over the 2015/2016 winter and most seedlings are showing severe drought symptoms. To protect your investment and your lawn, please water seeded areas very heavily at least once every other week until the drought ends.

If your lawn was dormant seeded this winter you have two options for spring watering:

  • Water the lawn ASAP to begin the germination process, then supplement natural rainfall to keep the soil moist this spring and early summer. This will assure the earliest germination and support for your new lawn in its establishment phase.
  • Or, you can do nothing and hope for rain very soon and very often. Since we do not know how much longer this drought may last, depriving your seedlings of water at this time may cause the seed to germinate so late in the season that it cannot develop a root system sufficient to survive the stresses of summer heat.

If you are thinking of seeding your lawn yet this spring please see our article Spring Seeding. Call Martz Bros. at (913)789-9333 or contact us online if you have any questions or concerns.