Keep Mower Blades Sharpened Regularly

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While mowing with a sharp blade is important for the look of the lawn, a sharp mower blade also plays an important role in a lawn's health. Below are some important benefits and reasons to sharpen mower blades regularly: A dull blade rips and tears the grass blade, leading to a higher susceptibility for disease [...]

Winter Grass Seedling Care

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Grass seed that was planted in late August or early September may need mowing by early October. Seed that was not planted until late September, may not need mowing until the following March or early April. The later in the fall a lawn is seeded, the more care it will need over the winter. Care [...]

Pulling Weeds Now Saves Work Next Year

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September is crunch time if weeds have sprouted in lawns or shrub beds. Chemical control or tilling is often the most practical solution, but 100% control is rarely possible. Pulling weeds is always best for small-scale weeding. Most of next years weed seeds are being produced right now. Some of the worst weeds in our [...]

Seed Care Instructions

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Now that you have scheduled your lawn renovation. Its time for proper seed care. The success of your investment depends upon what happens after the seed is down. WATER IS VITAL! Follow these seed care instructions for optimal results: The soil surface must be continuously moist prior to, during, and after seed germination. On a [...]

Choose Grass Seed Wisely

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Most lawn problems can be easily repaired, but the use of the wrong seed can ruin your lawn like nothing else. It is extremely important to choose grass seed wisely by: Never buying grass seed unless the label says it has at least an 80% germination rate, 0.0% weeds, and 0.0% other crop. Weed and [...]

May Mowing

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Secrets Every Lawn Owner Should Know! Its sad but true, more lawns are damaged each year by poor mowing practices than diseases and insects combined. The worst part is the damage can be prevented with little or no extra effort. Improper mowing causes brown tips, yellowish green color, brown grass tips, thinning turf, various diseases, [...]


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Here's what's going on in your early April lawn this year: Mowers should be set to a height of 3.5 to 4 inches for the rest of the year and mowed every 4 to 7 days. High, frequent mowing promotes healthier roots, thicker and greener leaves, and chokes out weeds before they can get started. [...]


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By the first of March, most mower repair shops are usually booked out for at least a week. These shops are especially busy due to the unusually warm weather in February. Some shops may be booked out fourteen days or more by the middle of March. Unless your mower was sharpened, lubed and tuned last [...]


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Ever wonder why some lawns green up much earlier in the spring than others? The answer is simple and easy. Experts mow their lawns a little shorter than normal in late February or early March. It is time to mow now in Kansas City. Okay, so not everyone is eager to start mowing again, but [...]


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It’s easy to ignore your lawn in the winter, but these winter lawn care tips will save time and money when spring hits: Lawn Traffic • Keep foot, vehicle and pet traffic off the lawn as much as possible. If you cannot keep traffic off the lawn, look for ways to distribute the traffic over [...]

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