Ever wonder why some lawns green up much earlier in the spring than others? The answer is simple and easy. Experts mow their lawns a little shorter than normal in late February or early March. It is time to mow now in Kansas City.

Okay, so not everyone is eager to start mowing again, but there are good reasons to mow bluegrass, fescue and ryegrass lawns now, before the grass begins to grow. This one, shorter than normal mowing in late winter, will

  • remove last year’s brown and diseased grass blades,
  • making room for new, healthier growth,
  • cleaning out most of the tree leaves that were imbedded in the lawn over the winter,
  • help the lawn green up earlier and more uniformly this spring,
  • get the ugly brown out to the way to make subsequent mowing easier and
  • most importantly, make your lawn more beautiful and make you look like an expert.

The ideal height of the late winter cut is 1 ½ – 2 inches but, if your lawn is bumpy, it is better to cut just a little higher so that the lawn is not scalped along the higher ridges. After this late winter cut, return the mower to its normal higher setting of 3 – 4 inches the rest of the year.

Timing is essential.  Once the grass begins to grow it is too late to remove the brown without scalping the new growth at the same time.  Thus, if you can’t get to it before mid-March, you may miss this easy, once per year opportunity. Mow Now!

Zoysia and bermuda lawns are still subject to frost damage so it is best to hold off mowing those grasses until the last chance of frost has passed, usually around the first of May.

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