By the first of March, most mower repair shops are usually booked out for at least a week. These shops are especially busy due to the unusually warm weather in February. Some shops may be booked out fourteen days or more by the middle of March. Unless your mower was sharpened, lubed and tuned last fall or winter, it will need that work done this spring. You do not want to wait until the grass is growing to lose your mower for a couple of weeks. So if your mower has not already been to the shop,  now is a great time to service your mower yourself or take it to a local repair shop.

Push mowers usually need an air filter change, along with blade sharpening and balancing. It is also important to clean the entire mower, especially the engine and under the deck; the engine to maximize air movements around the cooling fins and under the deck to maximize cutting and grass discharge efficiency. If the mower is more than a year old, consider changing the spark plug for easier starting, more power and greater fuel efficiency.

Larger equipment, depending on the design, may need a new oil filter, multi-point lubrication, belt inspection/replacement, transmission grease, hydraulic fluid, antifreeze and cooling system maintenance.

Always follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations.

If you want to service your mower yourself, be sure to follow common safety rules:

  • Disconnect the spark plug(s) before beginning
  • Use the right tools
  • Wear heavy gloves when removing or replacing a mower blade
  • Check for balance on the blades, especially if the blades had large nicks in them or were very dull
  • Use factory-recommended lubricants and equipment so that your expensive equipment will last a long time

If you have any questions about mower maintenance, do not hesitate to give us a call at (913)789-9333 or Contact Martz Bros. Lawn & Tree Care Online.

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