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Winter Grass Seedling Care

2017-10-05T19:09:10-05:00By |Grass Seeding, Mowing, Sprinkler System, Watering, Weather, Winter Lawn Care|

Grass seed that was planted in late August or early September may need mowing by early October. Seed that was not planted until late September, may not need mowing until the following March or early April. The later in the fall a lawn is seeded, the more care it will need over the winter. Care [...]

The Truth about Nutsedge

2017-10-05T19:09:10-05:00By |Fall Lawn Care, Fertilization, Grass Seeding, Weed Control|

When it comes to nutsedge (commonly called nutgrass), there are usually only three kinds of lawns in Kansas City: Lawns with nutsedge Lawns that will have nutsedge Lawns grown in very heavy shade Nutsedge facts: Nutsedge reproduces both by seed and by underground tubers. One single nutsedge plant, allowed to reproduce, can create many thousands [...]

Seed Care Instructions

2017-10-05T19:09:10-05:00By |Fall Lawn Care, Grass Seeding, Lawn Care, Maintenance, Mowing, Sprinkler System, Watering|

Now that you have scheduled your lawn renovation. Its time for proper seed care. The success of your investment depends upon what happens after the seed is down. WATER IS VITAL! Follow these seed care instructions for optimal results: The soil surface must be continuously moist prior to, during, and after seed germination. On a [...]

Choose Grass Seed Wisely

2017-10-05T19:09:10-05:00By |Fall Lawn Care, Grass Seeding, Maintenance, Mowing, Weed Control|

Most lawn problems can be easily repaired, but the use of the wrong seed can ruin your lawn like nothing else. It is extremely important to choose grass seed wisely by: Never buying grass seed unless the label says it has at least an 80% germination rate, 0.0% weeds, and 0.0% other crop. Weed and [...]

Mark Utilities

2017-10-05T19:09:11-05:00By |Fall Lawn Care, Grass Seeding, Ideas, Maintenance, Sprinkler System, Tools|

It is easy to forget that most of our lawns and landscapes hide a maze of underground utilities that are critical to the function of our homes. These lines are easily damaged and can pose a very real danger if disturbed. Always call before you dig in your lawn and mark utilities. Utility Lines All [...]

Crabgrass Management

2017-10-05T19:09:11-05:00By |Grass Seeding, Lawn Care, Summer Lawn Care, Weed Control|

With summer heat, comes crabgrass. Ideal crabgrass management may surprise you. Depending on the amount of crabgrass in your lawn, there are 3 options on how to manage the weed. It's important to remember that crabgrass is an annual. It will die off naturally, however, it is key to eliminate the weed to prevent additional [...]

Powdery Mildew

2017-10-05T19:09:11-05:00By |Fertilization, Grass Seeding, Spring Lawn Care, Tree Care, Weather|

If areas of your lawn look like they are covered with white powder or worse, white paint, you have powdery mildew.? Its a very common disease that thrives in cool, wet conditions in the winter and spring. Powdery mildew is most common and most damaging in areas with heavy shade and poor air circulation. Some [...]


2017-10-05T19:09:12-05:00By |Fertilization, Grass Seeding, Mowing, Spring Lawn Care, Watering, Weed Control|

Here's what's going on in your early April lawn this year: Mowers should be set to a height of 3.5 to 4 inches for the rest of the year and mowed every 4 to 7 days. High, frequent mowing promotes healthier roots, thicker and greener leaves, and chokes out weeds before they can get started. [...]


2017-10-05T19:09:12-05:00By |Grass Seeding, Lawn Care, Spring Lawn Care, Watering|

If your lawn was seeded early last fall there are a few spring watering tips that you should be aware of: Don’t be surprised to see weeds in your lawn this spring. Most fall seeded lawns sprout a lot of broadleaf weeds over the fall and winter due to soil disturbance and frequent watering. This is perfectly [...]

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