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How to care for your lawn in the summer.

Keep Mower Blades Sharpened Regularly

2018-05-25T12:42:35-05:00By |Fall Lawn Care, Lawn Care, Maintenance, Mowing, Spring Lawn Care, Summer Lawn Care|

While mowing with a sharp blade is important for the look of the lawn, a sharp mower blade also plays an important role in a lawn's health. Below are some important benefits and reasons to sharpen mower blades regularly: A dull blade rips and tears the grass blade, leading to a higher susceptibility for disease [...]

Crabgrass Management

2017-10-05T19:09:11-05:00By |Grass Seeding, Lawn Care, Summer Lawn Care, Weed Control|

With summer heat, comes crabgrass. Ideal crabgrass management may surprise you. Depending on the amount of crabgrass in your lawn, there are 3 options on how to manage the weed. It's important to remember that crabgrass is an annual. It will die off naturally, however, it is key to eliminate the weed to prevent additional [...]


2017-10-05T19:09:13-05:00By |Fall Lawn Care, Grass Seeding, Lawn Care, Summer Lawn Care, Weed Control|

The reasons are obvious to seed a bare, thin, or otherwise ugly lawn. Yet many lawn owners do not understand the importance of annual seeding to keep a beautiful lawn in its prime. Properly planted and cared for, today’s best seeds can give you: An earlier green-up in the spring Better color in hot weather [...]


2017-10-05T19:09:13-05:00By |Lawn Care, Summer Lawn Care, Weed Control|

If your lawn has a yellowish-green "grassy" weed that grows about twice as fast as the rest of your lawn during warm weather. You probably have yellow nutsedge (a.k.a. “nutgrass”). Although nutsedge control is included with our mid-summer and late-summer treatments hand pulling is necessary if you have nutsedge in your garden areas. A single [...]

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