Secrets Every Lawn Owner Should Know!

Its sad but true, more lawns are damaged each year by poor mowing practices than diseases and insects combined. The worst part is the damage can be prevented with little or no extra effort.

Improper mowing causes brown tips, yellowish green color, brown grass tips, thinning turf, various diseases, and worst of all, shallow roots.

So, what does it take to mow properly?

May Mowing Guidelines:

  • First Mow-Lower a notch or two on the 1st mowing only to remove winter brown. Be sure to raise the blade when complete.
  • Mow High-Bluegrass, tall fescue and ryegrass should be cut to a height of three inches or more ALL YEAR (for see zoysia and Bermuda grass, see below)
  • Mow Often-The lawn should be cut often enough that you never remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade at a time (about 1 inch). Optimal mowing is usually every 5 days in the spring and weekly thereafter.
  • Use a Sharp Blade-A dull blade will bruise and shred the tips of grass blades, leaving unattractive, disease-prone, brown tips. A mower blade will usually last 20-40 hours before sharpening is needed.

During cool weather you can mow the lawn any time you can get to it, even when it is damp, if that is what it takes. When temperatures exceed 80 degrees, mowing equipment can quickly spread turf diseases. So it becomes important to let the grass dry out before each cut.

Zoysia and Bermuda grass lawns are best mowed at 1-2.5 inches. We prefer the higher cut particularly when irrigation is limited. The shorter height is recommended only if you have a reel type mower and can water regularly.

Be Safe, Make it Easy.

Always disconnect the spark plug on the motor before changing your blade.

Invest in an extra mower blade so you always have a sharp blade on hand.

Follow these tips, and your lawn will greatly appreciate you for it! As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Martz Bros. Lawn and Tree Care at (913)789-9333 or Online.