When extreme cold temperatures hit, special preparation should be taken to protect your home and lower heating costs. It may seem like a long list, but even minor changes can make a big difference.

Following these steps can save money by preventing damage and keeping the warm air in your home, during cold temperatures:
  • Blow water out of in-ground sprinklers.
  • Open all cabinets below water faucets that are on the outside perimeter of the house.
  • Remove any hoses that are still attached to outdoor spigots.
  • Cover outdoor spigots with insulated covers.
  • If possible, turn off water to exterior water spigots. After water is shut off, open the spigot to drain the pipes.
  • Put new seals on exterior door thresholds.
  • Replace door seals around the edges wherever you see light coming through.
  • Empty flower pots and store in a dry location, upside down.
  • Replace any animal doors that aren’t sealing well.
  • Have chimney cleaned and put a cap on it to help reduce downdrafts and squirrel entries.
  • Seal older windows or sliding doors from cold temperatures by one of these methods:
    • Purchase a sealing kit.
    • Tape plastic wrap over them.
    • Calk the edges with removable calk. It seals perfectly then pulls off like magic.

For More Ideas on how to prepare your home for extreme cold temperatures, check out the Department of Government website.

If disaster strikes, be sure to contact a professional company like SERVPRO?that can assist with water damage. They have the experience and equipment to minimize property damage.