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Begin Next Year’s Garden Now

With mowers and hoses put away, there are still a few important chores to finish that will improve the look and health of your home and garden, just by using these winter garden tips now:

  • Apply Fresh Mulch
  • Mulch Asparagus with Composted Leaves
  • Cover Strawberries after Hard Frost
  • Plant Garlic Now
  • Prune Blackberries and Raspberries

Apply Fresh Mulch

Right now, the appearance of mulched beds are at their low point of the year. Dress them up for the holidays and so they can shine all winter long. A fresh layer of mulch now will restore that rich, manicured look and make your home look great all year long.

Mulch Asparagus with Composted Leaves

Asparagus should be mulched in the fall, and now is a great time for it. Well-composted leaves work best since they break down quickly, won’t blow around as much as un-composted leaves, and won’t interfere with spear growth next year. Don’t use grass clippings for this unless they have been composted with plenty of tree leaves.

Cover Strawberries after Hard Frost

Delay covering strawberries until the tops are partially killed back from a hard frost. This usually takes temperatures around the 20 degree mark. Straw is the traditional mulch, but the side-effect is a springtime of wheat sprouts. Instead, cover the beds with a light layer of loose, un-mulched tree leaves, then spread bird netting over the top to keep the leaves in place. Re-use the net year after year.

Plant Garlic Now

Garlic needs well-drained, fertile soil in sunny areas. Work several inches of mulch into the soil with a light application of balanced fertilizer. Plant each individual clove with the pointy ends up, at a depth of 1 – 2 inches, and then cover with 2-3 inches of mulch.

Prune Blackberries and Raspberries

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to prune blackberries and raspberries. Cut the dead canes to the ground, prune live canes to 3 feet in height, and prune the side shoots to about 10-12 inches.

Following these Winter Garden Tips will help produce
an abundant Crop next season

Following these winter garden tips will protect and prepare the garden for next year’s crop. We will have more tips to come. As always, please call us with any lawn, tree or garden questions at (913) 789-9333 or at Martz Bros. Lawn & Tree Care ONLINE.

Delicious Vegetables from following winter garden tips

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